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Practicing with Kick-Pan trains players to shoot at the upper and lower goal corners (90's) instead of the opponent's goal keeper. 

This is a must have tool for every coach.

Make Some Noise! 

A successful shot on goal lets everyone know when the bell rings.

Drills are limited only to you and your team's imagination. 

If you have a great kick-pan drill, let us know.  We'll share it!

Kick-Pans at the recent University of Oklahoma Soccer Camp

Fortis FC U-16 Boys at Hebron High School, Carrolton, Texas

Installing the kick-Pan is easy:

1. Secure the strap around the crossbar with the double-sided buckle.

2. Hammer the stake at an angle, with the hook and tip toward the rear of the goal. Stop just before the hook is in the ground.

3.  Holding the top of the bottom pan, stretch downward to the stake hook.

4. Hook the lower pan ring to the stake hook.

5. Hammer the stake into the ground.

6. Kick the Pan!


To install the Turf/Indoor Anchor:

1.  Install the Kick-Pan Unit to the crossbar as usual and allow it to hang in place.

2.  Place plate weight on playing surface below the hanging Kick-Pan unit, turn the weight on its side and insert lower Kick-Pan ring and rope harness through weight hole.

3.  Insert turf/indoor anchor through lower Kick-Pan ring, stopping ring at the anchor center with the “V” pointed into the weight hole;

4.  Lay weight on top of anchor with the rope harness, anchor “V,” and Kick-Pan ring extending upward through the weight hole with the turf/indoor anchor under the weight;

5. Position the weight and anchor on the playing surface in place of the grass stake, aligning Kick-Pan toward field.

 6. Kick the Pan!

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