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Can You Kick The Pan?

How discouraging is it to experience a fabulous break away, only to end with a shot directly into the goal keeper's grasp?

Kick-Pan is a must have tool for coaches and players at all levels of competition. Players are challenged to strike the targets and rewarded with ringing bells.

Coaches are rewarded with keeping players motivated and interested while developing shooting skills and a winning routine.

Every shooting drill becomes a Kick-Pan drill!  

"At first our players didn't know what to think about them. Now they come in to use them on their own. They love 'em."

George Van Linder
Head Coach
Northwestern State University Women's Soccer

No more aiming at the goal keeper... Kick the Pan!


Hear the Excitement!

Take your best shot!


SHOT-DOTS! The latest accessory for Kick-Pans. 
SHOT-DOTS are numbered and colored magnetic shooting targets to be used with Kick-Pans.  SHOT-DOTS allow coaches to change the Kick-Pan Target face challenging players to think quick and be decisive on their shots.

can be removed and swapped around to keep players thinking. Four durable targets per set, and Made in USA.

  • High Visibility Soccer Targets
  • Setup in a minute and Take Down in Seconds
  • Adjustable to fit smaller goals
  • Turf/Indoor Anchors available
  • NO new nets to untangle
  • NO nets to crawl under for ball retrieval
  • Mounts on Side Panels for far post shot practice
  • Durable Construction
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Patented 

    Contact: info@kickpan.com





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